After escaping their cages, 4 members of the party proceed to the upper chambers of Dahl’s laboratory. After adventuring in the upper chamber they noticed a glyph inscribed on the floor of the chamber, Deftinwolf being the first to notice it had magical properties. As such, Deftinwolf attempts to force Korgan into the glyph. Herod attempts to intimidate him and Endol bleeds into the square, but then stabs Korgan in an attempt to further intimidate him.

Korgan proceeds to accuse Herod of harboring secrets as he possesses the halfling’s cloak. When Herod relieves possession of the cloak to Korgan, he enters the glyph and vanishes. Endol inspects the glyph and also vanishes. The party follows into a room with more alchemical adaptations. In a corner of the room is Kelyth Andraste. Kelyth is kept in a magically warded cage, with no apparent locking mechanism. Deftinwolf manages to find a switch on one of the tables scattered with alchemical substances. After throwing the switch, no perceivable change occurs, but it triggers a weight bearing plate as part of the cage’s frame. Deftinwolf further suggests to Herod to topple the table, which reveals a well dressed goblin named Pew.

Pew is very angry at the fact that his house has just been demolished. Endol assuages Pew’s fear of a broken home, by convincing him he will fix it if Kelyth is released. Pew suggests to “jump up and down”. And various members of the party, except for Kelyth jump up and down making them look rather silly. “Jump up and down in the cage”. (Endol attempts to jump on the cage and is fried and then repelled to the floor. Kelyth jumps up and down and activates the bearing plate on his cage (made possible by the thrown lever).

Korgan is further harassed into providing the party with some direction. To gain an exit, Korgan punches Herod in the face, inciting his rage and crushing a book case adjacent to the cage. A darkened archway is revealed and Endol draws a dagger and pushes Korgan through the entrance.


The party awoke within their own individual cages. They remember little of their past. Upon, awaking the party is greeted by a great sorceror name Dahl (Dahl IV).

Dahl explains he intends to use the power of each member to reach a source of ultimate power. Dahl further explains that in order to change the world he lives in he needs to harness the great power within each member of the party.

Dahl departs and the party is left to debate with a bodyguard dwarf named Korgan. The party discovers that Korgan is underpaid for his duties and is searching for a book titled the “Kazad”. Endol convinces Korgan he knows the vault where the Kazad is located. Meanwhile, Herod crushes his cage apart and proceeds to help the other party members. Endol lockpicks his cage with stowed tools in his hair.

After a struggle with the bodyguard, the party agreed to take Korgan under the premise that Korgan gets his book. The party investigates then heads up the stairs in Dahl’s lab to encounter a halfling terrified and trembling in a cage.

Upon addressing the halfling, Purefist watches him disappear in midair. 4 skeletons aparate in the middle of a square room over a magical glyph and are easily dispatched by our party….

(Session end)