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Chapter 16

The party finds themselves in a immaculate dining area reserved for some forces of the Shadow realm. A fire pit fueled by arcane darkness is in the center and living tapestries line the room. The party exams the fire for some possible boon, and they also examine the living tapestries where previous adventurers appear to be living.
Jin readies an arrow, and accidentally pierces the skull of an adventurer trapped inside. The party notices that the green skull which has followed them throughout this tomb is also present in one of the paintings. Jin fires another stray arrow which ricochets off of the body of Herod. Jin decides he will risk yet another arrow, and fires one directly into the mouth of the green skull. This causes a lich to emerge from the green skull and it eyes Jin ominously and the painting suddenly turns black.

The party follows the room into a narrow corridor which leads them to more pools of necrotic energy and ledges that they must traverse. The ledges begin to crumble apart as they depart and by using Tensor’s floating disc the party narrowly escapes a death via descent. The party finds a pool of murky, dark, solvent and Herod loses a belt pouch in trying to collect any of it.

The party finds themselves on a ledge which is equipped with the skulls that seem to be in abundance in the tomb. Herod and Jin using Endol’s spirit manage to break a magical warding found on one of the skulls. In removing the skull, they find a exit, but it may lead to a sludge of either black necrotic death or some other uncertain planar support.

Herod seemed certain that he wanted to proceed through the void, however the party assures him they wouldn’t follow in that venture.

The party reasons that this may be the same lich which Szass Tam sought. Herod flings the portrait into the arcane fire and the souls of those trapped in the painting scream in a torturous agony.

Jin notices a lich which has constructed a portal while in the fey dimension. This lich utters a the words to conjure the portal using a magical stone that he carries with him. This lich appears to be aided the mal-intent of the lich who is known as Acererak and Jin also feels that this lich may hold the key to Acererak’s location.

However, the caveat in ambushing the lich for our party is that the lich is secured by malicious hounds that are chained to their stations. Jin begins the blood bath by swirling his axe through one of the beasts heads, severing it cleanly off. Following him in a rage, Herod lashes out with his axe and causes the grounds to roar with thunder slaying the another of the beast. Kelyth unleashes a cage of fire. But all these measures don’t prevent the Lich’s guardian, a blue elder dragon to emerge. The reasoning behind the blue stone suddenly becomes clear to the party. The dragon unleashes it’s unbridled fury on Herod causing him to fall unconscious and it fumes in uncontrollable rage. The party finds themselves in a quandry, a foe that they may be unable to defeat. After discarding of the lich and it’s phylactery – The Warriors of the Horadrim decide that it may be best to push the lich’s dragon into the portal which the lich summoned itself.

After many exchanges of blows between the Warriors of the Horadrim and the Elder Blue Dragon, Kelyth finally slays the Elder Blue Dragon by magically thrusting him through a portal. In looking over the ruins, the party finds a very accurate long bow (+8), a dragon’s mace (+7), and for our wizard a kit of dragon scale (+6) armor. To top off the treasure, the party receives a stone of Dimension Travel. The party is very well awarded for this journey. Yet, they are unaware of the absolute terror that awaits them.


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