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Followed by their new ethereal narrator, Kevin M. Richards, the Warriors of the Horadrim departed through the ruins to find the tower of Spellgard. En route to the tower, they find a broken tower which closely resembles the prior one. The party approaches these ruins cautiously, and notices a band of kobolds wandering aimlessly around the rubble. Herod defiantly charges into the center of the tower, sunrod ablaze and still under the craze of battle rage. Kobold priests fire a flurry of icy cones in his direction – prompting Kelyth to rend apart the weave of the material world, a nightmare eruption that tears the flesh of his foes. Jin and Endol, an acrobatic tag team jump and tumble over Herod, flipping head over heal. Raining arrows and a flurry of dagger strikes are the first attacks to greet one of the Kobold’s with a timely death. Durias Fistflanker charges into the fray, toppling an enemy and Deftinwolf in a calm demeanor, channels the healing aspect of Bane to proliferate the vitality of his allies.

The kobolds are unwelcoming of this unmitigated chaos and respond by turning on all heels – they unleash a torrent of icing rays, sword tips, and spear points into the WotH. Though none suffer any form of grievous wound. Foolishly, the lizard folk surround Herod the barbarian and are flung about by the force of a spinning mace, cleaving them to and fro. In the throes of anger, a kobold wyrmpriest aims an icy orb at Herod to smite him, however his unbridled rage backfires, leaving it to explode and cement his corpse to the stone tiles of the broken tower. Kelyth only able to take advantage of Corellon’s luck once, fails to unleash a second nightmare eruption and instead hangs his head in desperation – it would seem the staleness of the arcane prison has not yet worn out its welcome.

Despite any minor flukes, the party fairly easily dispatches the kobold unit. They find on the opposite side of the tower, a dragonborn adventurer by the name of Varrak. Varrak alludes to the fact that the party has been sent out on a wild goose chase of sorts. The party manages to come to terms of alliance with the gainful dragonborn and agree to assist him in removing the dark creepers of this place. After meeting Varrak, they wonder if their trust in Brother Turnagall could possibly be misplaced, nonetheless, they depart to ramparts on Varrak’s recommendation – to possibly find Dark Creepers and an entrance to the dangerous Spell Tower.

Upon arriving at the ramparts, our heroes clumsily alert the denizens of the tower by activating a makeshift trap blocking the entrance to the guardhouse. Walking over books and chairs, the party finds a nervous halfling hiding under a table. The halfling by the name of Malcolm is fairly hesitant to provide information. The party is completely impartial to the fact that they have intruded into his home and make demands of what he knows. Meanwhile, the Darano wererat clan has descended down the rampart stairs and Malcom shapeshifts into his true form – a mangy wererat overlord. A violent melee ensues and the party cleans their weapons and make the deliberation to split. Endol and Jin will guard the main floor while the rest of the party proceeds up the spiral stair case. (This decision is covered in Chapter 5.5)

Once gathered, the party proceeds down into the basement of the ramparts in hopes of finding the catacombs which lead to SpellTower. In doing some, the party encounters the part of the ramparts where supply and shipments are stored. The 5 empty chains bolted into the side of the wall at the bottom of the staircase linger with anticipation of guards which are no longer present. These chains are the first thing to make Durias Fistflanker feel anything, but overconfidence. Durias’s torturous memories of the Underdark cannot be stifled, no matter how he hard he tries.

Following the guard room, a lone goblin sits calmly as though he were awaiting our heroes. Durias offers him a game of goblin cards and attempts to persuade him that he has a prized goblin card by the name of “Vesper”. Although, the party fails to convince this goblin, “Jib” that they have what he is looking for, he is welcoming of any attempts to eradicate the wererat clan. Jib makes an alliance with Durias and hops on top of the lofty dragonborn warrior. However, the peace cannot be maintained. Jib incites the party to burn this area and Herod heroically plunges his still burning sunrod into the storage supplies.

The sunrod doesn’t burn the barrels, it ignites the flammables inside. This explosion knocks the mighty Herod onto his back and scorches the party. After collecting themselves, the party attempts to lockpick the door. However, Endol hardly gets the chance as the door is swung into his face and Darano wererats swarm the storage room. A panic envelopes the Warriors of the Horadrim as they find themselves utterly surrounded.

Ephram Darano

After slaying many wererats, Ephram Darano – the Darano family leader emerges. Through an arcane dimension door, Ephram Darano furiously steps into reality, human skull in hand. Ephram delights in human blood dripping from his jowls and crushes a human skull as an exercise of power. “I will have vengeance for Malcolm Darano!” The Warriors of the Horadrim finally meet their match; Ephram Darano is no pushover. He slights them with icy rays of enfeeblement and nearly takes the life of the might barbarian Herod. The infectious plague of the rats has our party in near delirium as they hobble slowly to the alpha wererat. These attempts mean even less as Ephram teleports into every position of great advantage – it is only when the united efforts of the party surround Ephram that he is slain. He promises that they will not be the last to die and dimension doors through a floor, and crumbling a wall into boulders, blocking his exit.

In Ephram’s chambers are various stolen goods from the Monastery of the Precipice including his bed and treasure chest. The party is handsomely rewarded with 300 gold in a treasure chest and a golden amulet. They decide that if they were to rest, this would be the best place. However, a great evil has been left here…

And so our party ventures forth…


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The Warriors of the Horadrim were finally gathered in full. The party finally had a chance to enjoy a night of a undisturbed rest in their campsite, which was not far from their destination, “Spellgard Castle”. They gathered their things and as per Meshif they assembled and returned to the lone caravan. Meshif mysteriously secures the location of their business transactions and how he came to possess the Spellstone of Binding. While the party is not satisfied with this, he does agree to fulfill his bargain of bringing the party to their destination.

En route to Spellgard, the party makes a stop at Taransen’s Tomb. A place where a great dwarven hero has been commemorated for his great deeds with an altar. The party comes to see a bleeding Purefist Thunderbruiser, combatting the throes of death. Almost simultaneously, Purefist expires sending his soul into the vessel of another Dragonborn who fiercely exterminates the short-winded, and short-footed, foe of the party – Korgan.

The newly acquainted dragonborn reveals himself to be Durias Fistflanker, a fierce warrior seeking revenge against enemies, particularly Drow elves, who crossed him in some unknown way. Durias makes note to Deftinwolf that Korgan had a letter. The letter instructs Korgan to seek out Kuryon in Spelltower and to make short work of an operation there. On the reverse side Kelyth decrypts a message leading to the whereabouts of the Kazad.

Jin interrupts the new acquaintance to inspect the forest ambiance. In his high powered perception he hears the sound of goblins playing card games. A friendly ambush erupts when a Hobgoblin and his rag-tag goblin game come to greet the party, “FRIEND!”. Not to keen on hobgoblins, Durias Fistflanker, flanks his first fist and roars defiantly in his face. A melee erupts hopeless surrounding our party with a fury of goblins, thus provoking Herod to utter a prayer which would entreat Kord’s vengeance. Waves of thunder, blasts of lighting, raining arrows and a final sheathing of a dagger reduces the greenish/orangish beings of Taransen’s grave to rotting mounds of flesh.

Before leaving Taransen’s grave; the party is suspicious of the tomb and examines it. Jin first notices that there may be hidden treasure, but the unbridled will of Durias Fistflanker cannot be matched. He ravages the tomb and mocks the ghostly ward inside which instills him with a curse for robbing the Cloak of Taransen. The party looks to interrogate their guide about Dwarven civilization, but all Meshif can provide is they are stone behemoths.

The party urges Meshif to continue on to Castle Spellgard. Upon arriving, the party is greeted by noble looking fellow named Yannik who insists that they inspect the grounds which have now been reduced to nothing but smithereens. The party soon learns Yannik’s real intentions are to acquire an Alabaster Pillar for the sanctity of Lady Saharel. However, Yannik does provide insight in that he suggests Brother Turnagal, the keeper of the monastery might be the best source of information.

Upon entering the Monastery, the party makes takes no heed of danger and introduce them to the denizens of the place. The party learns of the monastery’s keeper, Brother Turnagall, a priest who happens to not take kindly to visitors. Upon their insistence, the Warriors of the Horadrim learn that this place was founded by a man named Kuryon and there is a great evil here which desires eight stone pillars. These “Alabaster Pillars” are the key to the prophetess Lady Saharel. Not all is folly for our party however, they engage in benevolent deeds such as freeing a wounded halfling from a well. However, the intrepid Endol Vardager bites off more than he can chew. And intertwines his fate with dark creepers, a beautiful Sister Cherra of the Monastery, and worst of all – a faceless assassin.

Endol has wronged the assassin and he is assured that he will pay for this crime. The Faceless one murders Endol’s contact of reconnaissance and leaves a head for him to keep. The W.o.t.H., satisfied that they have gathered all the useful information here, plan to proceed to Spelltower. In doing so, possibly discovering the Alabaster pillars, and ultimately find Lady Saharel to ask the treasured, “One Question”.

And so, our party ventures forth.

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