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Endol, Herod, Kelyth, and Deftinwolf have felled Dahl’s flesh golem Kratos. As Kratos falls he cries out to Dahl claiming he has the spirit of a god and is supposed to be immortal. He then claims Dahl lied to him. Kratos perishes and his innards are exposed. Among the globs of flesh and organs that made up Kratos’ insides a fully geared elf lay. The elf rises from the gore and speaks in an unnatural voice to our adventurers telling them that Dahl will still accept them back if they lay down their weapons and give themselves up. Most clench their weapons tighter to them claiming they’ll die before giving up willingly. The being then informs the party that the possessed elf’s name is Jin, that he is no longer needed by Dahl and that he is to journey with them.

After the spirit finishes speaking it visibly leaves the elf, who staggers and seems to come to his senses. The adventurers quickly accepted the afterbirth-covered Jin to their party but ignored his pleas to clean and warm himself before venturing forth. Korgan, tired of all the abuse he suffers at the hands of Endol, Herod, and Deftinwolf tries to bargain his continued services. Annoyed with his perpetual whining, Endol tries to convince Korgan he’ll receive riches beyond his wildest dreams, but Korgan finds with little effort that Endol is lying. Kelyth attempts to barter with the dwarf but Deftinwolf caves into the dwarf’s demands and then some, offering 10 gold (twice the original offer) to proceed. Kelyth notes not to let Deftinwolf be in charge of their bartering in the future.

Endol prods Korgan forward, but soon after crouching and attempting to blend into the scenery Deftinwolf takes second after Korgan. Korgan leads the group forward down the cave only to stop and cower before wraiths sent to gather the party’s weapons. Herod gets halfway through an attempt at sounding brave before he thinks better of it and goes silent. Kelyth, weary of the new threat, consults the group for their opinion of their adversaries. Deftinwolf reassures Kelyth that he’s confident in his ability to vanquish their foes and Kelyth decides he too shall stand against these ghoulish foes. Jin, still covered in Kratos’ slimy innards mutters quietly to himself that he just wants to clean himself off… A battle ensues in which Kelyth inflicts more damage on his own party than on the spirits assaulting them. Korgan, disgusted by the epic amount of fail going on, finally joins the fray finishing off a bloodied opponent who probably would’ve died without his interference. Deftinwolf, Herod, Jin and Endol finish off the rest, and even Kelyth joins in on the killing after the gods grant him new vigor in his aiming.

After the battle the adventurers set up camp to rest, at which time Jin tries to remove much of the afterbirth. Shortly after the group falls asleep an orb appears just outside of camp. Kelyth notices it during his trance and moves to investigate alone. Within the orb Kelyth notices a man within attempting to communicate with him, disappointed and slightly disinterested Kelyth wakes the rest of the party. The man in the orb informs the party that his name is Al-rey Despain, he then goes on to explain his situation and warns the party of their possible future. After his warning of things to come the man in the orb tells the party to seek out a prophet called Lady Saharel. Then suddenly and violently he exits the party’s presence to be replaced by a disembodied voice expressing his annoyance with the meddling Al-rey and the communication is severed. Confused and exhausted the party returns to an uneventful rest.

Once awake they press forward with Korgan leading the way. As the party’s eyes wander Korgan darts into the darkness, leaving the party alone to face whatever lies ahead. Kelyth attempts to light the room but finds there is some sort of arcane warding in the room; he then warns the party that they should be weary while moving forward. As most of the group investigates, Endol presses forward and finds a stone placed on a pedestal in the middle of 4 large statues. Endol attempts to prize the stone from its place when a voice pierces his mind asking, “May I ask you a question?” Endol permits and the voice continues, “There are four brothers born at the same time.”

One runs, but never tires

One eats, but is never satisfied

One sings songs, which are never good

One drinks, but is never quenched

“Who are they?”

Endol answer does not satisfy the voice and one of the statues surrounding the stone springs to life and attacks. Endol then finds himself unable to release the stone nor does he have a desire to. His want to take the stone from its perch becomes all consuming. Each of the adventurers take turns being asked the riddle and Kelyth bungles a chance to find more information on the situation but redeems himself by successfully answering the riddle. “Earth, Fire, Wind and Water!”

As soon as these words leave Kelyth’s lips the stone releases itself from the pedestal and the statues surrounding crumble. The room fills with light and Korgan is revealed hiding by a door. Korgan speaks to the room as though Dahl is in it informing him that he has done as he was asked and expects Dahl to keep up his end of the bargain by giving him the Kazzad. Korgan then leaves the room and the rubble rises to form a new larger statue in the air above the party. It speaks in Dahl’s voice informing them of how all this was unnecessary and how he finds it odd that the simple act of meeting him had caused the party to try an escape. Once Dahl finishes his speech, the statue disappears and the party awakes as if from a dream.

The party finds themselves camped in a forest somewhere. Confused, they try to figure out what is going on. Their guide Meshif appears and asks if all is well and if they’d like to break camp and continue on to Spellgard where Lady Saharel is said to be. After some questioning, the group is convinced Meshif is telling the truth and gather their things to continue on. Meshif restates his position in the he was hired to escort the party by caravan to their location for a hefty sum of gold. Before venturing forth, Meshif asks for the groups name and leader, after some deliberation the group decides on Warriors of the Horadrim and that Endol will lead them. Meshif then hands Endol a green stone that looks remarkably like the stone prized from the room with statues. Meshif winks at Endol.

To be continued…


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